Rates & Policies

Welcome to Rural Water District 3, Washington County. A comprehensive explanation of our rates and policies can be found in the By-Laws - Rules and Regulations document below. Information regarding our rates begins on page 15.

All water bills are mailed out on or near the 15th of the month and are due on the last business day of the month.


Locked Meter Policy

If your meter has been locked due to non-payment - payment in full must be paid by 2:00pm to have the lock removed the same business day. If payment is received after 2:00pm the lock will be removed the next business day. It is our policy to remove the lock and turn on the water IF our representative is able to speak with someone at the property. If we are not able to speak with someone on the property, we will remove the lock and leave the water shut off at the meter. The resident will be responsible for turning the water back on at the meter. WE WILL NOT TURN ON WATER UNLESS WE SPEAK TO SOMEONE AT THE PROPERTY. Doing so could cause property damage if the water has been left on in the home.